Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 192- 11 Months Old!

One month from today I'll have a one year old- no way. It is so crazy how much a baby grows in a year, but I'm saving those reflections for next month. I'm going to enjoy my baby before he becomes a toddler! It is now officially time to start planning his party. I hope all the plans in my head work out and I find the time and energy to get it all done. I'll be saving and taking pictures of the progress of the party to post once it's all said and done.

Today was a super hot, miserable day. It's supposed to be hot tomorrow and then cool down, so I'm trying to hold back from the A/C. The fans seem to be doing a pretty good job but man oh man I want to go outside! However, when the dogs don't last longer than 20 minutes, it's probably not a good plan for a pregnant lady and a baby. We did manage to sneak out for half an hour just before the storm. We checked out the garden, splashed in the pool, and swung on the front porch swing. That swing is one of Jackson's favorite things to do- I love watching how happy it makes him.

He didn't eat dinner well, but between teething and being extra tired that makes sense. He only took 2 one hour naps, when normally he naps between 3 and 4 hours a day. He was out cold by 7:30 tonight- so I'm thinking I'll be tripping over him getting ready for work in the morning. Even with as little sleep as he had, he really wasn't too cranky until dinner time. He had a lot of fun playing with Joe and crawling all over the house. Sad my weekend is over, but I know he'll be excited to play with the kids tomorrow.
Up from his first nap and ready to go
sippy cups make for messy smiles
sharing some love with Joe dog
Jackson's Gryffindor diaper! I didn't get his shirt made yet, but he will be ready by Thursday!
Love that smile
So excited watching Hola Bebe!
He's "singing" along with the radio

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