Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 193- Cruisin' along

Jackson has gotten really good at pulling himself up and started cruising today. He walked around the coffee table to get to my new book. He was mad and screaming the whole time (because he wanted that book) I'm not sure he even realized that he was moving. He seemed really surprised when he got there by himself.

He was back to on and off fussy today so there aren't a lot of pictures. If he saw the camera, he wanted it, so for the most part it was put away.
Wow- I got the book. You can actually see the tears from his tantrum still on his face.
So proud
One of the close ups where he was climbing at the camera. I would show him the picture and he's starting to say "Jackson" (the best he can)
Another close up
Look how good I am at standing up mom!

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