Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 202- Busy Busy

I didn't get much sleep last night and I've got another busy day tomorrow so today's is very short. We had on again off again teething issues, a little clinging, but mainly a decently happy baby. We enjoyed a nice dinner out and then came home, played, and off to bed. Tomorrow we have a play date with Amy, Kipton, Delia, Melanie, Jacob, and Susan!
Up early playing again
Happily rolling around
Playing dead
Playing by Bernie
I was calling Joe, Bernie was by me and Jackson was confused
Loving on Joe Dog
Sharing his toys with Joe
All wet from playing in the hose
Ready for bed (mad b/c I told him it was time to clean up, not throw his books all over the room)

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This blog will document the lives of Jackson, Joe, and Bernie throughout 2011. The purpose of this blog is to learn to celebrate and appreciate something every day. It will also have comments from me about being a new mom, trying to raise a child to appreciate and respect all things in nature.