Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 184- spoon failure, car show semi success, naps over success

Today was a bit toasty and I think it made Mr. Jackson a sleepy kid. He was up and played with me this morning, had his Sunday pancake and eggs breakfast, we cleaned out all of his 9 month clothes, smaller 12 month clothes, and pulled out some of the smaller 18 month clothes. The baby led weaning book suggests introducing dippers and spoons at 10 months old for them to get the hang of it. For fear of my house, I've held back. Today I decided to try it. I put some yogurt on his tray. He ate off the loaded spoon and I was excited. Then he flung the spoon and yogurt around, threw it on the tray and proceeded to eat with his hands. So, OK, I'll try dippers then I thought. I cut the pancake and showed him how to dip it in his yogurt. He rubbed the whole thing through the yogurt and then smeared it on his face and laughed. FAIL. I think I'll stick to loading the spoon and then handing it to him for a while more, or move the high chair outdoors.

Then he went down for his nap- 1 1/2 hours- pretty typical. Then when he got up we loaded up and headed to the car show downtown. He hung in there a little bit, but after an hour was turning quite cranky. I should have know he was done when he refused to look at the camera for pictures and barely played with Miss Elin. He was sound asleep before we left the parking lot. When I got home and got him to bed I expected him to be up in an hour so Russell and I cleaned out his pool in anticipation of some swim time. Well, Jackson had other plans and slept for over 3 hours! When he got up after 6 it was getting ready to storm, no pool tonight. The storm was needed though, and I'm really enjoying the cooled down air! After this it's off to read the Sookie Stackhouse series outdoors. He had a tasty dinner with Dad and then Dad did bath time too, a nice surprise!
The pictures aren't great tonight because like I said, he was one sleepy kid- but we did squeeze some good ones out.

why would I need a spoon, it feels fabulous on my hands!
are you mad I got yogurt in my hair, the floor, and the wall?
hmm, yogurt and pancakes are so good I need two hands to shovel it in faster
ooops, I got some on my face
now it's just time to play
Ready to hit the car show
hanging out with the precious Miss Elin
yes, he's crying- but he started just as I took the picture...I didn't leave him there I promise
picking grass in front of the truck
playing with a water bottle to keep him happy
watermelon for dinner- silly kid likes to chew on the rind

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