Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 197- We are so lucky

We're so lucky to have such great friends willing to take care of Jackson. At his age, I'm not quite ready for the leave with a teenager and go on a date. I love that I have people that I know are going to spoil him rotten and I never have to worry about him. Patricia, Candy and Allison gave Jackson such an awesome afternoon. Russell and I even got to get things done at my school on top of seeing Harry Potter. It was a great day!
His toy box is one of his favorite ways to play with his toys
Peek a boo mama!
Trying to pick the ball up with his mouth like the dogs do
Look at this cool toy Mom!
Having a conversation with Elmo
Standing one handed! He's getting brave
"walking" around the table (looking ghetto with one pant leg rolled up)
Yummy mac n cheese
Jackson's new trick- gagging himself
Sleepy boy, sound asleep by 8:00

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