Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 194- On the go

I didn't get a ton of time with Jackson today. I had a doctors appointment after summer school and then he got home, we played for an hour and a half and he went down for a nap. The kid slept for 2 1/2 hours! Up at 6:30, I cooked dinner while he tried to run me, Joe, and Bernie over with his walker. Then dinner, a little playtime, bath and bed. It was a late bedtime, but he wasn't fussy. He barely fussed all day- it was great to see my old Jackson back.

Doctors appointment went great, baby's heart rate was 177- it's always so reassuring to hear the heart beat. The baby even kicked the doppler at the end :). I'm already 11weeks and 2 days along- crazy how quickly this is going. There will be 2 little ones running me ragged too soon!

Oh and Jackson has a date with Patricia and Candy this weekend b/c I won tickets to see Harry Potter- I can't wait. I was going to see it anyway, but now Russell has no excuse not to come and it's free, you can't beat free.

I finished Jackson's Harry Potter t-shirt and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's not perfect, but neither am I. He'll get to wear it tomorrow, Friday is laundry day so he gets to wear it again Saturday :)

Jackson really wants to read my book
sleepy baby
I went and stirred the food in the pan and added the eggs, came back to the living room and couldn't find Jackson- apparently he really wanted to play with his bath toys
I brought him back to the living room, next time I had to go and add spinach- can't find him again. He's playing in his dark room by himself.
This is his "tantrum" of the week- roll over and play dead when he doesn't want to go somewhere
Peek-a- boo
You can't see me :)
Front of Jackson's Harry Potter t-shirt
The back (I know it's off centered- it was late and the dogs were driving me nuts!)

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