Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 183- Silly kid, early night

We had a great time at a picnic today. Jackson got up from his nap at noon and we didn't get to the picnic until 3. I thought that MAYBE he'd be a little fussy around 4, but we could make it until 5. No- the kid made sure he was the center of attention until 6. He crawled after us, the dog, another little one. He talked and waved to everyone, laughed and had a great time. We weren't even out of the driveway before Jackson was asleep. He's in bed now and has been since 6. When he gets up we'll change him into his PJs and night time diapers. Thank goodness I had just changed him into a click- that should hold him for quite awhile. I didn't take a camera to the picnic, so I have some pics from playing around the house this morning.

I spy a Joe Dog hanging off the couch
Ohhhh I can get him!
Maybe I can bite him
ET phone home
Peek a boo Mommy
The face doesn't match the bib, but he was a grumpy kid this morning
Hanging out with Dad
He loves to play "catch"

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