Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 199- Last Monday before vacation!

It's starting to get hot and sticky around here so Jackson and I spent a lot of time moving between inside and outside, drinking lots of water, and using all the fans to keep ourselves cool today. He's back on his usual schedule, which is sure to get all screwed up this week as I have to work late every day and then Jackson and I have a date with my friends on Friday.
Showing off his favorite camo diaper
So proud of his standing up ability
All done with his nap
Trying to climb out of his crib- can't get any more WV than this: no shoes, WVU diaper, hunting t-shirt
Playing with the seahorse
Stressed b/c he can't turn the page
2 seconds later he figured it out!
Getting ready to attack the ball
Trying to decide if this grass (which he licked twice) tastes good
When he runs out of hands, his mouth will do
Really concentrating on filling his bucket
Splashed water in his face
he loves to chew on this star
silly cheese face
Showing of his nifty nappy swim diaper

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