Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 189- Morning with Dad

The sitter had an appointment today, so Russell took the day off to stay home with Jackson. They both survived, with no marks :) Jackson's back to his old self- 2 of the 4 teeth broke through and I think we have a little hiatus for now.
Jackson has also decided he likes his Pluto stuffed animal. He kept looking at the shelf when I changed him and smiled and talked. He kept doing it today when he was playing and then started to get fussy. I tried the dog, he pushed it away, Bambi- wasn't having it, I pulled down Pluto and they acted like best friends reunited. He's currently added to the crib with Mr. Monkey. I'll have to sneak in later to get a good picture of the 3 of them cuddling.
I'm so looking forward to no work for the next 3 days- it's draining me this year. I'm also finding some time to read- so Bernie and I are headed to be soon to catch up on our latest book.

Awake from his hour and a half nap- he was nice to Dad
Russell said he couldn't figure out how to stand up and hold onto the monkey, so he put it in his mouth to stand
Only 1 bottle today- the rest were sippys, he did great!
Picking out which book he wants me to read. I love that he'll pick one and give it to me!
He loves, loves, loves books!
Lovin' on Pluto

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