Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150- happy Memorial Day

It's so fun to bang things on my head?
must taste everything (yes teething monster is arriving)
a little more head banging
Why crawl when I can reach and drag everything to me?
"swimming" in his pool
playing with toys while we plant the garden
it makes noise- how awesome
what else is in my basket?
look at that drool- it's been 15 minutes sans bib
I want the camera mom
first strawberry of the season- now you know I love him
big bite
not quite what he expected
mom- it's sour! but he still asked for more
this is late b/c he screamed after our walk until 10:00 b/c of teething- finally the orajel put him to sleep :)

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This blog will document the lives of Jackson, Joe, and Bernie throughout 2011. The purpose of this blog is to learn to celebrate and appreciate something every day. It will also have comments from me about being a new mom, trying to raise a child to appreciate and respect all things in nature.