Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 135- Progress

Jackson is starting to do so much better with tummy time. We did a lot today. I'm not really sure how he gets to where he's going, it's a long process, but he does end up at his goal. All that moving tired him out though. He took 3 pretty decent naps and was in bed shortly after 8.

I forgot to post two other big deals for Jackson yesterday. The first is that we lowered his crib since he was starting to pull up. The second is he held his own sippy cup yesterday. He started at Ms. Brenda's this week and took to it like a pro yesterday. He's getting so big so fast!

Tomorrow is his 9 month check up. I'm interested to see how he's growing. We're also going to talk about asthma as a possibility, his lack of movement, and his goopy eyes. He's starting to get a cold, so it's good timing.

I got nothing packed for next weekend and I have take a kid to dinner night wednesday so the other evenings this week will be busy! I did have a productive day though. All laundry is caught up, his 6-9 month clothes are in storage (which didn't really need to happen, but seasonally- we were ready for 12 months), his 12 month clothes are in his drawers and his 18 month clothes got their first washing and are being put in the "up next" drawers. I've got his lunch made for tomorrow and now I'm ready to relax.

Here are some pictures and hopefully a video from today (and one from last night).
Last night drinking water from his sippy all by himself!
Sometimes he cracks himself up
Looks like he's starting to get the right idea
That's right I bribe my kid with puffs to do tummy time
So happy in his big boy crib
Munchin' on some crunchies

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