Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 129- Early to bed...

I sure hope it doesn't mean early to rise! There are only a couple of pictures of Jackson today because he was sleepy around six. I put him down for his evening nap which is usually around 40 minutes, but he's still not awake 3 hours later! I'm going to go in and change him into a nighttime diaper and pjs and hopefully feed him and get him right back down. I'm hoping he doesn't have plans to get up and play around 3 am tonight b/c I need my sleep!

He's starting to act like he might want to crawl, but he still hates tummy time. He much prefers me helping him stand and walk. I'm really happy to say that tomorrow I"ll be home early and Jackson and I will get to play :)

Oh and one month from today is the last day of school! Today started off terrible, but we are slowly recovering. I'm hoping that tomorrow is a good day.

Sleepy baby, but showing off his new Wiggle Waddles
yummy puffs
starting to reach, but putting weight on his hands
banging things around in the turtle shell
reaching for puffs!
sleeping way past nap time

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