Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131- Happy 9 Months!

It's hard to believe that Jackson is 3/4 of a year old already! He's growing quickly and, as you can see in these pictures, growing more mischievous every day. He love his "brothers" more and more every day, but he definitely has a favorite- Bernie. Bernie does not want to be a favorite. Bernie generally doesn't want to be in reach of Jackson. However, it was amazing what he let Jackson do to him today when I held up some treats.

I had to do a meeting after school today and I was reminded how blessed I was to have Jackson. He was an angel (as always). He fell forward and hit his mouth on a toy. His teeth cut his lip, he cried for a minute while I held him and that was really the only fussing that I had. He's also blessed because he has so many "family" members at school to look out for him. He is spoiled rotten. The first picture today he is in an outfit from one of the teachers at school who helps me take care of him. I hope these people stay in his life as he grows up because he is one lucky boy to have two great families.

I'm hoping to get a better routine in the evenings with him. He continues to fight naps at Ms. Brenda's house and so he is very tired when I get him home. He takes a nap, but sometimes it is too long. I woke him up from a nap for the first time today. He was pleasant about it, but then he stayed up pretty late. I hope that he's ready to get up at 7:00 tomorrow because he was not in the mood to get up this morning and I was late, again.

Well, I'm exhausted and tired of IEPs (only 7 more to write this year!) so this has become one major rambling post- sorry!

Without any further adieu- here's 9 month old Jackson.
9 months old and finally awake at 7:45
Telling Bernie to come and get in the picture
Growling like the dogs

Trying to pet Bernie
Reaching for the tail- it's so tempting
What an intimidating trio
Now it's time to yell at Joe to get in the picture
He got the tail and it's taking all of Bernie's self control to sit there and wait for the treat
Patrolling the ally

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