Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 127- Naked Butt

Jackson was chilling sans diaper today working on his rash. I'm thinking he's getting ready/going through a growth spurt because he took 4 naps today, one of them 4 hours long, and can't get enough to eat, milk or solids.

We had fun today, but he's beginning to enter the clingy stage. Russell left my sling at the cabin, so I'm thinking about trying the side carry with the Ergo. I think he's still too small for the back carry and I know he hates the front carry with that because it only faces in. If he doesn't go for it, I might get one of the free Seven ring slings- does anyone have any experience with those? I love my k'tan but feel like it's never where I need it, I need one for the car and one for the house. Maybe I can save up and get a mesh one for summer. I truly don't know what I'd do without the carriers! Strollers are great for walks, but way too bulky for stores and Jackson is just not happy sitting in the cart.

He's starting to think about crawling. He won't do it from tummy time, which continues to last less than 3 minutes a session, but from sitting he's starting to lean forward and put weight on his arms. I feel bad because he's so frustrated that he can't move. He's starting to fall forward a lot, which means he's getting more adventurous about trying. I'm hoping for his sake that he's mobile by June.

Since he was so clingy and sleepy today I don't have a lot of pictures. Tomorrow, as long as he's awake, I should have some good ones. We are going to weed the strawberries and start the garden. I'm hoping to get the blackberries and raspberries weeded too.
Watching Elmo
Poor child is so deprived of toys
He loves this teether, it vibrates when he bites down on it
Showing off his favorite truck
Eating cheerios and chasing Bernie

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