Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 134- Big Day!

Jackson went with me to vote today- I let him press the button to submit our vote. Sadly, our vote didn't help get Rick Thompson in. Though I do think it's still important to teach Jackson the importance of voting. I hope to continue to take him with me every election.

Today he began to do much better with moving around. He rolled from his back to his belly all the way today with lots of confidence and pulled his arm out from under him. He also pulled up on his walker all by himself. He's definitely getting ready to move soon!
Testing out his new frog
Now trying out his new hat
Ready to vote!
Waiting for mom to work on the laundry
Getting ready for our walk to the middle school to vote
Russell is finally registered and voting
Back home and ready to play outside
Checking out weeds
Checking out a car driving by
Working for puffs
Pushing off a little
Rolled over and proud of his new found puff getting ability

He scooted himself down to the changing table and was trying to pull his A&A sleep sacks

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