Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139- all smiles

Though his cough is sounding worse, Jackson's in a much better mood. He's really practicing 'dadada' a lot. He has also discovered his tongue and loves to stick it in and out all day. He's getting much better about moving around while on the floor, still on his side pushing himself and then rolling this way and that. While exhausting, for him right now it is effective. Jackson is much braver with his standing too, often taking a hand off and he can sit down and get back up pretty well.

We have a wedding in New Jersey on Sunday so we are leaving Saturday morning and driving back all day Monday. I'm not looking forward to all that time in the car, but we will take a lot of breaks and I'm super excited to take Jackson to the Cape May zoo and to play in the sand on the beach. We might even get our toes wet. The forecast has changed and it looks like it won't be raining (yay!). I'm so terrified about how he's going to sleep though. We are taking his pack n' play, seahorse- which needs batteries!- Mr. Monkey, bath toys, and anything else that cues sleep. So I might seriously over pack, but that's just fine with me so long as he takes his naps, sleeps through the night, and isn't a major bear for the wedding and reception.

I'm doing all the laundry tonight and tomorrow night will be dedicated to packing, so it'll probably be a pretty short blog.

Anyway, here is my smiley little man who loves having a cold because every time he sneezes I tell him "God bless you" which still remains the funniest thing that I can say to that child.
Jackson telling Joe Dog it's time to wake up!
He found himself in our mirror
Happy baby before Ms. Brenda's
Watching Sesame Street and waiting for Elmo
Playing peek-a-boo with the blanket
He just sneezed- he's so excited to hear "God bless you" he can hardly contain himself
still laughing after I said it
and he's still laughing
Standing 1 handed modeling his new wool shorties, which paired with a t-shirt will be summer time PJs-- I love them, they are so soft!
Showing off the little fish on the front

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