Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136- 9 month check up

Jackson had his nine month check up today. He did well. He's 27.5 inches, 19lbs 2oz and his head is 44 cm. According to the CDC, which is based on formula fed babies, Jackson is 23% in height, 26% in weight, and 16% in head circumference. According to the WHO, which is based on breastfed babies, Jackson is 42.7% in height, 34.5% in weight, and 38.3% in head circumference.

If you are a mother with a breastfed baby and you would like to see how your child compares to other breastfed babies you can download this program for free:
it also tracks motor skills- it's great and an easy way to keep track of all of Jackson's information.

He also had to have his lead and iron screening today, so he was a tired kid when we got home. He took a good nap and then was in bed for the night shortly after 8. There was really only one picture I liked today so I'll have to take some more tomorrow. Today was a work day for me and though I'm tired, I feel accomplished. Dishwasher emptied, dinner cooked and cleaned, pots and pans washed, diapers washed, 18 month clothes put away, and everything packed up and ready to go for tomorrow.

I'm posting a video of Jackson enjoying his favorite meal tonight- spaghetti and at the end he said "dada." He's just started the "d" sound so this is pretty cool!

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