Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 128- Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all the veteran mothers, new mothers, and mothers to be! I enjoyed a nice day with Jackson, Joe, Bernie, and Russell. I'm relaxing now and hoping to try and win a few more things for Jackson before I go to bed for another week of school. This will be a crazy one- IEP transition meetings for my 5th graders and the last week to get all the kids ready for Westest.

From when I first got pregnant a lot of ideas about how I would raise a child have changed, here are some of the biggest things I do with Jackson that I never thought I would:
1. cloth diapers
2. baby led weaning
3. let him go without socks in public (not like I have a choice)
4. babywearing (i thought it was crazy- that's why they make strollers)
5. breastfeeding past 6 months
6. all organic products
7. cloth wipes
8. no cry it out
9. he runs around in just a diaper (they are stylish dipes though!)
10. he watches TV and likes it (my child would NEVER watch TV under the age of two lol, thank God for sesame street!)
11. a baby led schedule

The biggest thing I've learned being a mother to a baby these past 8 1/2 months- never say I'll never because you probably will. Keep an open mind and let your child lead the way, he can do so much more than you think when given the right opportunities. Notice one thing that you don't see...I love my child so much I forgot about my pets--- yeah that's not happening. They are still Jackson's brothers and enrich both mine and Jackson's lives. We are lucky to have them in our lives!

I took a ton of pictures today- here are some of my favorites!

Happy to be outside
His favorite page of his favorite book- loves to feel the "straw"
one last touch before the book ends
happy, drooly baby

of all the toys I brought out to play with- his favorite? sunscreen


apparently it's a very funny bottle of sunscreen

trying to tear off the tag
tasty shovel-- do you see a pattern of what he does with his toys?

vibrating teether

check out those top teeth!

getting ready for naptime with mr. monkey...his diaper matches his sheets!

getting so big!

dinner= asparagus, lima beans, cheerios, hamburger, chicken, mushrooms oh and he had a snack of crunchies an hour beforehand

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