Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50- Black hole of a stomach

My mom and George are still here so I'm enjoying their company. They took us out to dinner at the Steer. We brought Jackson's high chair cover from zulily (great site for parent's by the way- awesome stuff for great discounts- use that link to join for free) and we used the tiny diner from my sister Carrie- and picked up a few things for him to eat off the buffet. Little did I know what an appetite he had. He LOVED that food. I actually had to go up for seconds for him. He had peaches (at least 5 slices), beets, green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, noodles, green peppers, and banana pudding. He created quite a crowd of onlookers amazed at his appetite and self feeding skills. He did wonderfully. We were there for two hours and he wasn't fussy at all. He was in a great mood, but crashed on the way home. He was late to bed- I'm really hoping that means he'll sleep in tomorrow!

George got a picture of Jackson eating at the restaurant and will email it to me to add when I can. But the other two pictures are from Jackson at breakfast- where he ate almost an entire piece of toast with blackberry preserves and from Jackson crashed out after his huge dinner.

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