Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34- Long Day

What does extinct mean?
Student smells armpit and plugs nose saying "yuck"

Even though it's been a very long week, it's moments like these that remind me why I love my job. A hug and an independently completed paper from a student who was out of control moments previous, a laugh from a grouchy kid, and a semi verbal student greeting a friend. These were the definite highs of my day today. Mami's and Papi's- one of my favorite FB fan pages, stores, and blogs issued this challenge for the month of February, be more positive. Make the best of every situation. So I will try to issue the best moments of each day-moments with Jackson and moments without. I'd love to hear your highs of each day as well!

Speaking of Mami's and Papi's, we just got Jackson's CJ's Carcass cleaner and lotion. They smell awesome, are 100% natural and so creamy. All of her products are cloth diaper safe. You can only get the lotion at Mami's and Papi's. I totally recommend these products and I'm thinking that if we get a little extra money I'll get the wool spray and all purpose cleaners too. I use the CJs BUTTer that we have on my dry skin as well as a diaper cream. It works so well on dry skin, I always have some with me. So baby or not- you'll find a scent you love and it's definitely worth it!

Today's pictures are from dinner, which was short b/c Jackson was tired and also from afterwards when he was cleaned up and waiting for bath time. I also put a picture of Jackson with his cup. He's doing so well- he didn't spill on himself at all today, he spilled a little when he set the cup back on the tray, but he brought it to his mouth and successfully drank 3 times today!

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