Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33- Night out

It's another super short one as I hope to be in bed by 10. Jackson and I went out to dinner with friends tonight. He tried the applesauce, which he really liked playing with and he ate a little too. He was an angel as usual and quite the ham. He cracks me up b/c he just eats up all the attention and will do anything he can to make sure that it stays on him. He fake laughs, fake coughs, and will yell to make sure all eyes are on him. You can't help but love it b/c as soon as he has your attention- he'll reward you with a smile that will melt your heart!

We went to dinner 2 blocks from home so we enjoyed a nice walk there and back. Tonight's picture is me and Jackson just after we got back. I love seeing him all bundled up!

Oh and I have to wear my glasses in the evenings now b/c my poor eyes are so tired :( However those are the free Nike glasses I got from coastal contacts- such and awesome deal!!

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