Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36- We love Saturdays

Jackson was asleep by 8 and had two decent naps today. Hopefully we are starting to get on some kind of schedule. He's still getting up to eat at night anywhere from 1-4 times a night, but he's getting better about napping and he's sleeping on his back in the crib- so I'll take it.

Today I have quite a few pictures because it's been a whole week since I got to spend the whole day with Jackson. Russell even played with Jackson for a couple of hours so I could get things done. Weather was crazy today, which made it a good afternoon/evening to stay in.

Jackson ate 3 whole meals today. The first was breakfast of watermelon, banana, apple, and yogurt. He ate almost the whole banana again, tried a piece of apple and a piece of watermelon. He did great with the yogurt. The first attempt with the spoon put some yogurt on his forehead, but from there on out he got in the vicinity of his mouth with every bite. He's doing really well and has a great appetite. Here is a picture of Jackson at the end of the meal.

Jackson lucked out with a second bath after this meal :) We played all morning. Here is a picture of Jackson in his Sustainablebabyish Longies. These are knit wool pants. These are "seconds" but I can't for the life of me figure out why. I try to have him wear his longies at least once a weekend. We use fitted diapers under the longies. The fitted diapers are diapers that are not waterproof and thus much more breathable. By doing this it helps to make sure that he doesn't get a rash.

Here is a picture of Jackson wearing one of my favorite patterns- Cat in the Hat. This fitted is a Dippee Dypee. This is not an overnight fitted, but is good for a 2 hour stretch. It has a snap in liner made of a very soft cotton material. This is a really soft diaper and can be folded for a boy or a girl. I would recommend it for a lower cost diaper that you will use during playtime. It probably would get soaked through during naptime if you have a heavy wetter, but if you are just looking for something cute to play around in, this is an excellent diaper.
Jackson had tomatoes and green peppers at Subway for lunch and then we came home for a nap. When Russell played with Jackson after that, I was able to start on some crafts for Jackson. I made him a Steeler tie shirt. I don't have a sewing machine, so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Altogether this cost me $3.50 to make. I am hoping to finish the other two tonight. There is a WVU one and one for him to wear for Valentine's Day.

Here is a picture of Jackson modeling the shirt I made him.
Last picture of the night is Jackson at dinner. Russell saw this morning and since we had a late dinner decided a diaper would be the perfect attire for Jackson for dinner. His high chair cover was in the dryer so we used this chair instead.

Tomorrow will be a very short post b/c it will be the Super bowl! Here we go Steelers, here we go!

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