Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41- Last day as a 5 month old

Jackson's last day as a 5 month old ended early b/c he only slept 15 minutes at Miss Brenda's and by the time I got him home, he was beat! He went to bed early and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that through the "No Cry Sleep Solution" and waiting until he was ready, I can put Jackson in his crib with his monkey blanket and seahorse wide awake and he will talk to himself, play with monkey, and then go to sleep on his own within 15 minutes.
Tomorrow is his 6 month appointment, I'm excited to see his new "stats" I'm also excited because I got his new Happy Heiny Diaper in the mail today. It has glow in the dark skulls on it- how cool is that. He will definitely be rocking that diaper for the pediatrician tomorrow!
Here are the very few pictures I could snap in the 40 minutes of awake time we had pre-bedtime routine.

He likes his roasted sweet potato.
A little playtime in the exersaucer before bed
I found out that I was selected to host a party for Philadelphia Cream Cheese. These are like taste tester parties. I hope a lot of you can come, anyone local is invited! If you come to the party you get the following coupons: Philadelphia cooking creme, home shopping network
You also get: cooking creme notepads, magnets, recipe books, and cooking spoons. Also if you are looking to get free stuff (I get 4 free Philly Cooking Cremes, a Greenpan stainless steel skillet, a pamphlet for that skillet and a Philly oven mitt just for hosting) go to and apply for one of the available parties!

We will provide some of the recipes from the book! The party is March 12th so clear your calendars (and for all of you who can still drink- you will get to help Russell clear out the beer fridge!) It's the day of the big east championship so come and watch on our big screen!

Finally, you see this new signature I have? I won it from a comment game on Penny Pinching Polly. I love doing comment games on facebook. While it might send some annoying stuff on walls- I've won over $100 in prizes doing these. All you have to do is like a page on FB and then comment on the prize. They then use to pick. I've won things from "ouchie bags" to blog signatures, to diapers! This was created by Cutesie Blog designs.

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