Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46- Sick day #2

So Jackson got sleep last night, but I was terrified b/c of his terrible breathing and coughing that I hardly slept at all. Because of that this is a very short post because I'm headed to be by 9:30 tonight. Jackson has a check-up to make sure that the RSV isn't progressing tomorrow morning and then back to school.

I love being a teacher and I love being a mom. This makes for great conflict sometime. I wish I could do both for half of each day. While I really enjoy the time home with Jackson, I worry and miss my students and friends at school. I'm looking forward to summer school this year because I think it'll be the perfect blend. 4 days a week, 5 hours a day- leaving me all afternoon and evening with Jackson. I think I need to drop one thing that I do extra to help with this balance. I have to work until 5:30, 4 nights a week right now and that's too much. I feel like I'm really falling behind in housework and paperwork. I know I'm stretched to thin right now and not doing my best at all the extras, which really bothers me. I'm going to have to really look toward prioritizing for next year. I don't want to miss anything at home, but I still want to work to be the best teacher I can.

Today's picture is a picture from Jackson's nap. I laid him down 90 degrees different from where he ended up. We've been working on the No Cry Nap Solution and we are on day 3 of successful crib napping. I think the biggest mistake I made was getting him when he was fussing, not crying. I still get him when he cries, but if he is just fussy talking then I let him work it out. Using the lovie and the seahorse has also made a big difference. I really hope this is working its way to a healthy, predictable sleep pattern.

The second picture is of Jackson in his babylegs (as arm warmers) and his new Happy Heiny. I love it! It glows in the dark :) The HHs fit Jackson great and I love their crossover Velcro. He's still on the smallest setting, so they will definitely be diapers we keep for awhile. I also love that they are probably the softest diapers I have. I just can't say enough good things about it.
Oh and we were in the middle of getting him dressed when I realized I don't have a picture of that diaper yet- this is not his outfit lol.

The final picture is Jackson and his drool covered bib. I'm really hoping those top teeth are close because he was one miserable baby this evening. He was sound asleep by 7:30.
He had that bib on for 10 minutes.

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