Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44- Wonderful weather!

Jackson still isn't doing well, so we're off to the doctor first thing in the morning. It's funny though- even though he has a nasty cough and his breathing is terrible, he's laughing, smiling and just enjoying life. He's a pretty cool kid- I think I'd like him even if he wasn't mine :)

Today his appetite wasn't nearly what it normally was (he didn't eat all of his yogurt even!) but he did eat a little. I have included a picture of him trying starfruit. It's sour, but he likes it- which made for an interesting face.
We had beautiful weather today too. Jackson got to ride in the stroller big boy style (out of his carrier) for the first time. He did really well, but I thought it was so weird having him far away. I'm so used to babywearing that not being able to reach down and touch him or see his face/reaction was really strange for me. I'm sure the stroller will come in handy during big events like the forest festival or when he get's older, but I think I'm going to stick to the K'Tan and the Ergo for now. It was the first walk I've taken without Joe and Bernie. It was not fun, but they are out of practice with the stroller so I didn't want to make Jackson's first time miserable and I wanted to be able to get him back home if he started getting fussy b/c of being sick. I felt really guilty. When I have Jackson in a sling or the ergo, they can walk with us easily, so that is another reason I'll probably stick to babywearing for simple walks.
Anyway- sorry for the major ramble! I have a couple of pictures from our walk, including Jackson trying out a swing at Third Ward. He wasn't a big fan, I'm looking forward to trying a real baby swing with him next nice day we get!

Finally, I got to hang some diapers out on the line today. The sun is amazing and does what no bleach can. All stains were gone and there was no damage to the diaper. I love seeing all the bright colors on the line too- I can't wait for summer! I hope you all enjoyed the awesome weather today too. I really hope those groundhogs were right!

Oh and I almost forgot- I've also included two pictures of Jackson enjoying his Valentine's day card from his Godfather, Ray. Ray absolutely spoils this kid! Thanks :)

(Oh and you can see I worked with the lady I won the signature from and she has it working in blogger now- yay!)

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