Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day-32 2 Full days of work- ugh!

I'm pretty tired so it's another short one. Jackson was up at 4:50 and I didn't get back to bed after I got him back down and with school, basketball, and a very playful baby this evening- I'm beat. I do have to say today started much better than yesterday though. Jackson slept until 7:00 and woke up in a great mood. He's been pretty happy all day long and just full of himself. He's a riot to hang out with and it makes all the not so fun parts (like the bottle I spilled in the car this morning) much more bearable.
This is Jackson right after he got up. How can you not have a good day when you're greeted with this smile?

Jackson at dinner time- he went after the banana with a purpose. He ate almost the whole thing tonight.
Jackson successfully drank from his cup by himself without spilling (and set it back on the tray without spilling) twice tonight! Now there were probably more than 20 unsuccessful attempts, but he's learning so fast!
After dinner we're down to a diaper and sweatshirt b/c learning to eat and drink is a very messy venture! He's wearing the Thirsties Fab Fitted, which almost doesn't fit him anymore. I'm so sad because they don't make this diaper anymore and it's so trim and soft. It's one of my favorite around the house daytime fitteds.
This was Jackson at 9:15, almost 2 hours after his bedtime. He apparently didn't get the message that it was bedtime. Thankfully he gave in to those tired eyes about 20 minutes later!

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