Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42- 6 Months Old today

Happy 1/2 birthday Jackson! He had his shots today and did great. He didn't need tylenol at all. He was 26 1/2 inches (53%) and is 16lbs 12 oz (37%). He's getting so big! He's growing wonderfully and getting smarter every day. OK- enough bragging :)

At the doctors today, Jackson wore his Happy Heinys. We have 2 one size diapers from them and they are some of my favorite velcro diapers. They fit Jackson wonderfully and are the softest pocket diapers we have. I love their patterns too! For a one-size diaper they are really trim. I definitely see myself getting more HHs down the line. If/when we have another baby, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a big stash of happy heiny minis. This is the diaper. We have the cow print and the one Jackson wore today, glow in the dark skulls. The doctor said "that's one bad-ass baby" I LOVE it! He doesn't have to be cutesy all the time. I like him to have a little attitude :) That bad ass diaper, inspired a very tough little guy when it came shot time. He cried more because the nurse wouldn't let him kick his feet than he did because of the shots. As soon as he could kick his feet again he was done fussing. And there was no screaming at all this time.

Tomorrow we are going to do Valentine's day pictures and Sunday we are going to wash his diapers and hang them outside to dry/ sun out the stains. It's going to be an awesome weekend b/c we will have great weather. I think we'll even get out for a few walks! Maybe the groundhog was right.

Today's pictures are from a project I'm doing with some friends. It was sooooo hard getting him to sit with the paper letters and him not eat them.

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