Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 100- Sunny Sunday

I have an IEP to get done so that tomorrow I can take a nap between my doctor's appointment and court. Today was a pretty good day. He was in a much better mood this morning after a pretty rough night. This afternoon he was back to grouchy. He's drooling so much he's choking on it so I figure there are some more teeth on the way. After how miserable he was last night, we gave him some tylenol tonight so hopefully it'll be a better night.
Here are some pics from today.
There's a smile hiding under the hat, he's playing peek-a-boo
Cool dude, just relaxing in the swing
Just chillin'
Loving the swings

Tired, but ready for a walk
That walk was exhausting
Big boy dressed like daddy today, hunting themed shirt and camo shorts (thank Nathan and Julia!)

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