Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 99- Happy Saturday

Jackson just now went to sleep. His nap schedule was off and his last nap was from 4-7:30, goodness that makes for a long night. I hope I didn't jinx the weather, but I put all of his winter clothes away. I kept out pants and long sleeves, just not the really heavy stuff. I also started to wash all of his 12 month shorts. He's probably not ready to fit in them yet, but thank goodness for big diapers :) I don't want to have to buy a bunch of 6-9 month shorts for him to wear for a month. We are fortunate enough to have gotten hand me downs from a friend so he has a ton of 12-24 month clothes.

We had hot dogs for dinner and I'm not quite ready for Jackson to try out hot dogs so he got fish again. At one point he was trying to eat 3 at once, he loves them. He's getting more and more confident in the grass also. I wen tout and bought sunscreen because tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous! I'm looking forward to taking him to the park tomorrow or possibly on a hike over by spruce knob.
Helping dad in the garage
Showing his tough guy face
Talking to Elmo
Baby feet
His new favorite thing, grinding his teeth
Check out the grass by his nose
Investigating the grass he picked
3 fish sticks at once

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