Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 109- lots of pictures

Jackson took 6 naps today. 4 of them were 1 hour and 2 were 30 minutes. That medicine is really wearing him out, I'm glad we only have to give it one more day! I'm going to let today's pictures with captions be my post because I was pretty happy with the expressions in the pictures today and I think they tell a pretty good story of our day when Jackson was actually awake.

Good morning Joe Dog
Let me tell you about my night

Mom, Joe won't play with me :(
I'll get him then!
What? I'm helping you with the diapers!
See I'm a good helper!
Haha- evil face
What? I'm innocent
Mom, Bernie won't play with me either :(
Please, Bernie- I'll be gentle!
He gave me a kiss when he went by
I know you're trying to entice me to crawl with puffs, but this sucks!
Jackson's dinner
Jackson's appetizer- yes he ate the entire can and I didn't get any fruit for dinner
Working on eating rice, though he wore a lot, he did eat quite a bit
Yummy hamburger :)

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