Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 103- ouch!

The pictures today aren't very good because it has been a super hectic day! Jackson was fabulous last night and slept through the night so at least I had the energy to get through it all. After school and extended day, Jackson and I had to hit Kroger to get things for my students to dye eggs tomorrow to go with the stories that we have been reading (and b/c it will be the only eggs some of them get to dye). I also had to pick up some produce for dinner. When we got home it was time to take care of the dogs, pump, get Jackson some naked butt time, fold the diapers, cook dinner, eat dinner, playtime, bath and bed. Now it's blogging, a little bit of facebook and boiling 5 dozen eggs! I'm really looking forward to bed tonight.

The pictures today are from Jackson working hard in the exersaucer after we got home. He loves things that spin and moves from one thing to another. The other picture, though it's hard to see, is of his goose egg :( While in the bathtub tonight, Jackson reached for a toy and reached a little too far. I caught him by the chest to make sure he didn't swallow water, but he did bump his head on the side of the tub. He didn't cry much and was back to playing 30 seconds later, but he does have a nice little red bump on his head. I'm sure it will the first of many, so I'm glad he takes it like a trooper.

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