Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107- Back from the ER :(

Jackson started the day fussy and a little hoarse, we just got back from the ER. He has croup and bronchiolitis which is a fancy term for a bad viral respiratory infection. He fell asleep on me this afternoon after lots of short naps and woke up struggling to breathe very well and a 102 fever- so off we went. They got us right in and got him some albuterol and oxygen. His pulse ox was down to 85, but we kept it comfortably above 95 after the steroid and albuterol treatments. He did have to have 2 steroid treatments b/c he puked the first one up all over me. I hate seeing him so sick, but once he was all medicated up and we were home, he was a much happier baby and has been asleep for an hour.
I don't really have a good picture for tonight b/c he was not a happy camper today. So here is what I have from his naked butt time this morning to help with his rash- which is looking way better!

munching on some egg during our picnic breakfast

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