Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 91- Happy Boy and snow

Jackson is back to his old self, happy and hungry! The top tooth has officially broken all the way through. I'm not sure how long this happy period is going to last though b/c he's drooling like it's his job. However, I will enjoy this time while I can. Oh and for dinner tonight- he ate an entire fish fillet and a yogurt cup. He's a bottomless pit. Almost all of my paperwork is done so I am going to enjoy the weekend. Jackson has started to take small steps while holding on to me. This is a big move forward for him b/c he used to be content just standing, now he'll take a few tiny steps to try and get something!

On another note, it's April 1st, it snowed and will continue to snow all weekend. I wore flip flops because it's supposed to be spring- take that mother nature ;). Now it's off to cuddle with Joe and the Bern and relax this Friday night. 14 days until spring break y'all!
Goofy kid trying to do a Michael Jordan
He's starting to like his touch and feel books- he loves to feel the "straw"
Happy baby before bedtime
He was like this anytime you looked at him today
5:30 AM 4/1/11-- I thought I moved south of erie and out of snow :(

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