Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 97- is it spring break yet?

Well, I'm definitely counting down the days until spring break. I think everyone has cabin fever and life is just crazy at school. I'm working hard to get all the paperwork done and trying to make sure I have enough fun lessons to keep the kids from killing each other! This means, though, some pretty long days at school and less time hanging out with Jackson :(

I was able to get the four of us (me joe bernie and jackson) out for a walk this evening. We only did half of our normal route b/c it was late by the time I got home, unpacked, dogs fed, pumped, and Jackson fed but it was still a beautiful day. Now all of my boys are crashed out- fresh air does the body good!

This weekend is Spring Weekend at WVWC, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone who comes in. I won't be going out this year, but I do hope to catch up with friends. I have found being one of the first of my friends to become a mom (though many are joining me now!) becomes kind of isolating. We end up in two different worlds. My world now revolves around school, the dogs, and Jackson. My day starts at 5:30 AM feeding the dogs and letting them out then it's usually around 9:00 when I finally get to sit down from cleaning up dinner, getting bottles, clothes, diapers, and food ready and achieving my goal of one household chore a night. That leaves little time for the things I used to live for- like dinner and drinks with friends and impromptu get togethers. I'm OK with all of this, but I do look forward to when Jackson's at an age where it won't be so difficult to leave him for a few hours at night to go out and have a few drinks. I do admit, I get jealous when I see all the pics of fun trips and late nights that my non mom friends post.

One thing that I have found that helps with this conflict has been online friends that I have made from These are a group of women that I went through my pregnancy with and now we share pictures, stories, and videos daily of our babies. I love that no matter what country or state they are in, most are going through the same things and don't care if I go on and on about the cute little thing that Jackson did. I'm so thankful that I have met these ladies because it does help to fill that fun aspect of my life, even if it is just for 1/2 an hour at night :)

Well enough typing, because the first wash of diapers is almost done and I can do the hot wash and go to bed soon! Here are a few pics of Jackson from today. The first ones are from where his father woke him up early and I still had to get ready. I put him in his room with toys and put the gate up to keep the dogs out. He played and played- I love that he is learning how to play by himself. Don't worry- we are treating his pinkeye and it looks the worst in the morning. The second group of pictures is Jackson showing off all the trouble that he can get in while in his walker. He loves to pull the trash can down and chase the dogs. Bernie does not think it's very funny and Joe just deals. But they do have fun together! Well tomorrow is Friday- so sweet weekend dreaming!

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