Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 118- Tired Boy

Winding down a very long week. A tornado hit last night not very far from my house. I'm still shocked- the storm didn't even seem that terrible, but driving to work today I saw nothing but damage. I did stay up until 1:00 watching all the watches and warnings, getting ready to take the dogs and the baby to the basement- fortunately it never came to it. I'm praying for all of those who were hurt by all of these viscous storms.

Tonight was my last night with my tutoring kids. 3 days next week of westest prep and I am done with tutoring! I do enjoy it, but with Jackson's bedtime routine and dinner starting around 6:30 it makes for some very long days. Tonight we went out to dinner with some friends and he came home and did bath and went right to bed. So it's slim pickings on the pictures today. Tomorrow starts the weekend and I'm ready for some sleep and to get my work finished up and organized for the week.

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