Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 102- Chatter box

I feel like it has been a very productive day. I got the laundry done, rocked a soak with funk rock (http://rockingreensoap.3dcartstores.com/Funk-Rock-Ammonia-Bouncer-15-loads_p_61.html), did the dishes, and now I've got the diapers on the sanitary wash with bleach to kill the yeast. I'm probably headed to bed soon, but it's been a really good day. Jackson and I had fun tonight even if he would only give me grins for the camera- not full out smiles. The kids were all in good moods today and worked hard, it made for a pretty good day. Only a few more days until spring break- I can't wait!
I also got some new blueberry diapers in the mail (hooray for their clearance store!) and I love them. They are sooooo soft. Blueberry diapers are my favorite velcro diapers and my second favorite diapers overall. The rain is making me sleepy and it's getting late, so here are a couple of pictures and a video for a view of Jackson's evening.

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