Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89- 18 days until spring break :)

I do love my job, but this time of year it gets rough. I have tutoring still, which makes for some very long days. I'm really looking forward to the break to recharge! I think the kids are worn out, sickness is abundant, and the weather is keeping us locked inside. I'm trying to come up with fun activities to keep the kids entertained so I hope we can make it to break in good spirits.

Jackson seems to be doing much better. From what I can tell the top tooth that's been bugging him has broken all the way through. The congestion is dying down, his pinkeye seems better and his finger is healing nicely. He slept really well last night and was sound asleep within 15 minutes of getting up to eat around 2. This is a welcome change from the party all night attitude he had from the four days prior.

We went out to eat today so we didn't have much time to play tonight. The picture from tonight is of Bernie hanging out with Jackson right after we got home.

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