Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83- Sleepy head

Jackson at 7:25 am ( he has rotated 90 degrees from when I put him down at 2:30am)
Jackson was a sleepy kid this morning. At 7:00 I opened his door and started to make noise. Then I picked out his clothes. Then I packed his bag. Then I turned of his humidifier and monitor, I finally was able to get him out of bed at 7:30, but couldn't get him dressed, so he went to Ms. Brenda's in his pjs. We had our first b-ball game tonight so I didn't get much time with Jackson. He's starting to show teething fussiness again, so maybe he'll have that third one cut the rest of the way through.
Tomorrow he has his Easter pictures at Olan Mills with the real bunnies. I hope he's in a good mood!
I think I'm actually going to get in bed before 10 tonight, but I'm pretty sure Jackson's going to be up around 2 to eat b/c he fell sound asleep in the middle of eating tonight. Poor kid was so worn out.

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