Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 84- No Easter Bunny at our house

We took Jackson to Olan Mills today to get his Easter pictures done. They bring in real rabbits for the pictures. Jackson did wonderfully until he stuck his finger in the rabbit's face and got one heck of a bite. It took us about 15 minutes and animal crackers to calm him down :(. We picked out the pictures while he wore a band-aid, but it was still bleeding when we had to leave. We went to the ER to see about getting it glued. They said they couldn't glue it b/c it was an animal bite and has a high risk for infection if glued. So the little guy got a pressure bandage and antibiotic cream.

The lady from Olan Mills felt so bad, she kept calling to check on him. We don't blame her or the rabbit- things happen and Jackson's fine. We have to follow up with the doctor on Monday, but I'm sure he'll be fine. We will just have to clean it 3-4 times a day with warm soapy water and use some neosporin and bandages. He was such a trooper and sat laughing in the ER as he was bleeding. He was more mad when we had to hold his hand still to put pressure on the bite. Jackson didn't blame the rabbit either, we went over and saw him before we left Olan Mills.

I'm think however, this Easter- we'll have the Easter bunny skip our house and celebrate with ducks :)

I will share the pictures as soon as they are available online- we did get some good pics before the whole fiasco with the rabbit.
His brothers were worried about him and had to check on his boo boo
Jackson and his band-aid (in his Seuss click a doo)
Late for bed, it's hard to suck your thumb with that big bandage :(

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