Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86- Hooked on Fishing

Today Jackson was really cranky, except when we went to Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs day at the high school. He had a good time there and even won a fishing pole. He enjoyed watching the fish, petting a sheep, and watching the snakes.
I have to go into school to get everything ready for an IEP in the morning and a substitute. I have court all day tomorrow, but I'm hoping it's over around 1:00 so Jackson and I can hang out together in the afternoon.
So since it's 8:45- the IEP program isn't working and I've gotta get to school, tonight's is a short post.

Happy baby in the morning
Me and Jackson checking out the fish- it was cold!
His bite right after we cleaned it out today :(
Dad getting the big boy tub ready
The closest thing we got to a smile with his new fishing pole
Don't mess with his pole
Jackson hill billy trying to make himself smile
A better smile


  1. Ellen, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Jackson is so cute. I'm amazed at how well he eats. What bit him?

  2. Maria- thanks I'm glad you enjoy it. He was bit by a rabbit during a photo shoot for Easter :(


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