Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69- Last day as a 6 month old

I can't believe how quickly my little guy is growing up. Tomorrow he will be 7 months old! While he is still totally stubborn about tummy time, he moves all over his crib. One of today's pictures shows where he could roll from back to belly, but he just won't. He shows more personality every day. Today he actually pushed Joe away and "yelled" at Joe b/c he was annoying Jackson. Today was the last long day for this week. Only 2 more weeks of basketball and I will have more days that I get to leave work at 4 than not- I'm really looking forward to things like walks with Joe, Jackson, and Bernie and time at the park. Over the last couple of days I've had some awesome wins on Facebook: free fudge, $25 to a natural toy store, a $50 Indian block baby quilt, and a cool air freshener. So I do apologize for all the "likes" and random comments, but they are paying off!
It's been a long week so far, snow is in the forecast and I really hope at the very least we get a 2 hour delay- I'm sooooo tired that I forgot to take the diapers and wetbag to the sitters today. Thank goodness I made sure to have a full stash for her. We have a full weekend planned, so hopefully you all will do a snow dance tonight too and mother nature will do her job!

However, in the event that doesn't happen- I'm off to bed knowing that tomorrow I'll be a mom to a 7 month old!
Jackson thinks he's ready to stand by himself, but he still needs a little help
Practicing standing

Looks like he's going to roll over right?
just kidding
Mom, you're so funny- thinking I'm going to roll onto my tummy. I'm not dumb!
Silly Jackson and his guard dog.
Joe also serves as a washcloth.

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