Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65- Snowy Sunday

I took a picture of the snow today- it came as a shock to me b/c last I saw the forecast it was going to be a rainy weekend. I'm getting lesson plans ready for my sub tomorrow so I can't post much today. But I have a picture of my teething little man and his drool soaked bib as well as a picture of his progress toward crawling, sitting and reaching w/ putting weight on his hands. You can tell by his face he is so not happy that he has to do this. Hope you all had a great weekend, back to work tomorrow.

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This blog will document the lives of Jackson, Joe, and Bernie throughout 2011. The purpose of this blog is to learn to celebrate and appreciate something every day. It will also have comments from me about being a new mom, trying to raise a child to appreciate and respect all things in nature.